Saturday, April 25, 2009

Felted Beads with Carolyn Webb

Recently, Carolyn Webb taught a class on making felted beads at Kiwi. If you've met Carolyn, you know what a wonderfully fun, creative and interesting person she is. Carolyn herself tells me that she had a lot of fun teaching the class.

The students learned how to make felted beads by wrapping roving around pencils to make a tube, which can then be cut down for shorter length beads. Using multiple colors of roving, and adding embellishments such as threads or seed beads or other beads makes the process - and the result, even more beautiful.

Carolyn tells me that the students also learned to make felt ropes to string their beads on, nd the students in the class wanted to learn to make round beads, so Carolyn taught that as well.

The results are gorgeous! Lynn referred to the class as 'outstanding' and Carolyn tells me that she would love to teach the class again. Lynn will also be carrying Carolyn's kits for making your own felted beads at home.

My Fiber Arts class has given me such great appreciation for the freedom and child-like fun of just diving in and making a happy mess with one's hands, and having the added bonus - the icing on the cake - of having something beautiful at the end that one has made with one's own hands. This sounds like just such a class!

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