Sunday, June 24, 2007

Welcome to Kiwi Knits!

Hello and welcome to the premier of Kiwi Knits! We are a blog based at Kiwi Knitting Company in Tucson, AZ, and it is our goal to be your place for information on a whole host of fiber-related topics. Think of us as an interactive online magazine about everything from knitting to crochet, felting, spinning, weaving... our list might just be endless!

Kiwi Knits will contain regular features such as:
Staff Projects - what we are working on now
New Yarns
New Books and Patterns
Yarn Reviews and Swatches
Kiwi Knitting Class schedules for the current and upcoming weeks
Knitting Hints and Tips
Knitting groups around town
Upcoming events and workshops
Book reviews
What we are inspired by right now
What's the current buzz in the fiber world?
A write-in section for your Q&As
Staff Picks & Favorites

We also have a pile of Special Features that we are going to cover over the ensuing weeks, with lots more to come:
How-to's and Tutorials for on all those advanced techniques
Features on our local guilds
Charity Knitting in Tucson
Exploration of the Kiwi Knitting shop
Our Knit Night
Holiday in July - inspirations to get you working now on all those projects that you KNOW you are going to want to do!

Kiwi Knits will also keep an easily-referenced database of:
Techniques and abbreviations
Past yarn reviews
Past book reviews
Past hints and tips
Past technique articles
Info on guilds
Local knitting groups

We also want to link you to:
Kiwi Knitting
Free patterns
Coupons and sales at Kiwi Knitting
Blogs we read
Websites we like

At Kiwi Knitting we are passionate about what we do and we are looking forward to sharing our passions with you, Tucson! So keep us on your Favorites list and check back here at least once a week - you won't want to miss anything.

If you have information that you want us to share with the rest of the fiber-holics in town, or ideas for future articles, please email me, Lynda Sorenson, your Blog-Mistress (yes, I just made that title up, do you like it?) at