Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Fairies

Who does not love fairies? (Well, okay, there are probably a few people.) I, for one, cannot help but smile when I think of charming little Tinker Bell from Peter Pan and other animated films of fairies and little people. After all, they take care of all things in nature and are generally good-willed, cheerful and fun.

Fiona McDonald captures the appeal of fairies in her book Knitted Fairies to cherish and charm.

Wouldn't it be fun to create your own fairy just for you or maybe, someone else to delight? Not only are there wonderful patterns for well known fairies in this book but the designer offers templates and ideas for you to create your own fairy. She even has templates to help you paint the eyes - a huge part of the charm of these dolls and also generally considered the most difficult feature to draw. I think we need a desert fairy and a saguaro fairy and a coyote fairy - those would be intriguing. This would be a fun group project.

If you are not sure about fairies check out the Mini Time Museum in Tucson. If is full of wonderul antique dollhouses with all kinds of incredible miniatures. If you look closely you will find fairies there.

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Anonymous said...

We want to tell you how warmly welcome we both felt in your shop yesterday. I also want to thank you for the wonderful book. I will cherish and share it. I plan to introduce it to my friends at St. Anns Catholic Church, a social action parish famous in the Spokane Diocese for pushing the boundaries. We have talked about getting together to knit prayer shawls (or maybe prayer fairies?). I'll also share it with my Hospice book club made up of Hospice volunteers and staff. I actually prefer prayer dishcloths/dishcloths as gifts for my Hospice clients. They are faster to make and represent cleansing. Dying can be a dirty job after all.
We'll be back!
Andre' and Judy