Friday, March 9, 2012

Knitters and Their Bags

In the70s (maybe even earlier) there was the knitting stand. This was the height of convenience for knitters. It was portable, held large projects and had little pockets for the knitting notions we needed.

Then there were tote bags. Suddenly there were tote bags everywhere. I remember using a beach tote bag for one of my knitting projects. Businesses had totes for advertising. I especially like the ones from conferences and festivals. Not all of them were well suited to knitting - Velcro fastenings and sometimes the fabric of the tote abraded the knitting. No pockets was a definite deficiency, but then these worked for carrying knitting books. Never turn down a tote bag. Here is an assortment of some of the tote bags Lynn has collected at TNNA along with a Kiwi Knitting project bag.

There were so many tote bags, some knitters, me included, started thinking that we needed a bag for every project and then we really did need a bag for every project. Now there are a plethora of project bags. These are great. Some come with special features to hold a ball of yarn to keep it from rolling away. These bags are charming, many decorated with knitting motifs and they come in an assorment of sizes for small to large work-in-progress.

Now there are the wonderful purses that are linked with knitting like the beautiful Namaste bags. These do double duty as a purse that also carries knitting and knitting notions. Check out the lovely little Aventi bag in the lower left corner. This bag has four pockets on the outside and four on the inside and space inside for a small knit project. It is a great bag to have around while you are knitting. You can grab your scissors or tape measure quickly without digging around for it.

And of course we can make our own bags. There is something fulfilling about putting your knitting in a bag you knit.

I used to feel guilty about acquiring so many bags but now I just enjoy them. When I run out of space I donate some of them. There is always another luring me to buy it just around the corner.

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