Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Special Post: Kiwi's Sock Summit

Everyone is excited about Sock Summit Week at Kiwi Knitting ! Kick off will be a demo day this Saturday from noon to 3 p.m.. There will demonstrations about needles, stretchy cast ons for cuff down socks, gauge and the two-at-a-time cast-on.

Toes will be the topic on Tuesday, February 14th. You can attend just one hour long class or the two toe-up constructions or the two cuff-down, one of each or all four so you can really be on your toes!

Wednesday will be about heels. There will be four different ways of doing heels. Again you can chose just one class, mix and match or take all four.

There is a $5 fee for demo day and no need to register. The classes on Wednesday and Thursday are $10 each, registration is required and participants will need to bring needles and yarn ready for knitting the toes or heels. See the website: or call the shop (520-881-1319) to register or for more details.

About the photo: No time to gather a plethora of socks. I took this picture just now so I could include a "sock" picture. The socks are all ones I have knit save one done by a dear friend. My dogs thought that since I was on the floor it was playtime. Either that or they really love socks. Nevertheless they would not move and so here they are - Teddy and Romie - in serious need of a haircut. Teddy seems to like the center sock - the only one that was also handspun.

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