Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sock Summit Summary

The Kiwi teachers had lots of fun with our Sock Summit. Kendra is demonstating sock needles I think. Lynn is all about gauge and I am practicing my stretchy cast-ons. Bridgid is taking the pictures when she is not showing the 2-at-a-time cast-on. Later in the week we did Toes and Heels. Sorry, I did not get pictures of Holly and Desi.

Here are a couple of tips for you:

Stretchy cast ons for cuff down socks:

1. Cast on twice the number of stitches you need for the cuff. Work the first round by working two stitches together all the way around. Do this in pattern. For example if the cuff is a 1/1 rib then knit 2 together, purl 2 together to the end of the round.
2. Try the slip knot cast on from Janel Laidman's sock books - an easy cast-on and it works very well.

To work two socks at a time on two circular needles and you cannot remember the cast-on for this: Cast-on one sock and work 5-6 rows. Then thread this onto some waste yarn. Cast-on the second sock and work to the same number of rows. Now put the first sock back on the needles so they are side by side with half of each sock on one needle and half of each on the second needle.

Garter stitch toe: This a great toe for socks. It is from Cat Bordhi's New Pathways sock book. It is well worth learning Judy's Magic Cast On but if you just want a quick way to use this toe without using Judy's cast-on,do a garter stitch square starting with a provisional cast on. Cast on a quarter of the stitches required for the foot of the sock. Knit until you have the same number of garter stitch ridges as you have cast on stitches. The pick up that number one side of the garter stitch square, remove the provisional cast on and knit across those stitches and pick up the other side of the square - toe is done and you are ready to knit the sock foot.

Sock Book Recommendations

This is a great book for beginning sock knitters according to Lynn. It includes all the basic constructions - toe-up, cuff down, basic heels and toes with enough variation to make fancy socks, too.

Both Kendra and Bridgid like this book. It has great instructions and helpful information on how to fit socks. It is a good reference book for all sock knitters.

This is one of my favorite sock books. I really am enchanted with the socks and the connection to myths. It is also a great book for trying out different knitting techniques - adding beads, lace in socks, fun cables.

All of us love this book for its innovations in sock construction and multiple heels and toes.

Have fun with socks!

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