Saturday, November 5, 2011

They're Here... the holidays that is. Are you knitting yet?

It seems early, doesn't it. I feel a bit jarred when I hear a Christmas commercial since it is weeks away. But maybe the retailers have it right. Either that or time is in the fast lane. I have dreams of leisure time to knit for the holidays, watch Christmas movies, enjoy the Christmas lights and decorations and listen to holiday music. It never happens - or definitely not leisurely. It seems that they are here and gone in a blink of a eye and frantically at that.

Well, we can still wish. I wish you lots of knitting time while watching movies and enjoying friends and family. Some of us at Kiwi's will be working on what we learn in Cat Bordhi's classes this coming weekend. There are even more classes coming up. See the newsletter or come by the shop and pick one up. Stay for a relaxing moment or two.

Kiwi Knitting News:

Did you know that there are back issues of knitting magazines available at Kiwi Knitting? A list will be coming soon.

Owner, Lynn Davis, was surprised this week with a book called Knit One, Purl a Prayer: a Spirituality of Knitting". This book includes two Kiwi Klub patterns and comments from an interview with Brigid Connolly. It is dedicated to Lynn!! as well as the owner of the author's other favorite yarn store in Rochester, New York. Look for a book signing event soon when copies of the book arrive in the shop!

The yarn storming is still in progress on the bicycle at Kiwi's. Here are some of the new additions- Daisy Spokes and an R2D2 Banner. See if you can find the tiny gnome. There is still space for more if you are feeling a little rebellion coming on and want to join the yarn storm.

Meet the Staff and Teachers at Kiwi Knitting:

Desi Leotaud:
Hi. I have worked at Kiwi for several years but have not been around much in the last two years due to life happening. I am a late thirty-something with two active young kids -three years old and 21 months- and a wonderful husband. We are all native to Tucson and southern Arizona. In the summer months I sit out by a pool and help a friend with private swim lessons by day and am a knitter by night. In the winter months I am a knitter every chance I get day and night. The best thing about working at Kiwi besides all the wonderful yarn? - All the wonderful knitters I get to meet and knit with. See you on Fridays.

Kendra McNally: I was raised in Tucson (in the house where I now live). I went to the Northwestern University and vowed I would never be that cold again. I went to law school at the University of Arizona, spent two years practicing law in Casa Grande, then moved to Los Angeles where I was a federal prosector for 30 years. When I retired, I moved back to Tucson as fast as my feet would carry me. I was taught knitting as a small child by my Great Aunt Mary who was originally from Ireland. I lost interest (acrylic socks in Tucson were not a hit.) Then I started knitting again when I wanted a portable hobby to fill all those communting hours in California. I started teaching after retirement when I showed Lynn one of the the eight Kousa Dogwood shawls I have knit. She asked me if I would teach a class on that. I gulped and said yes. When one of Lynn's teachers moved out of state I was asked to teach more classes. I gulped again and said yes again. After all, I'm still learning myself. The good people at Kiwi have been tolerant of my learning curve and I have found a great community of knitters in a friendly space created by Lynn. I go every year to the Knitter's Review Retreat, have been to both Sock Summits and two TKGA converntions. My two most used teaching phrases are: "Breathe" and "It's yarn, not blood".

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