Friday, November 18, 2011

Knitting Classes Extraordinaire

At Kiwi Knitting last weekend we were treated to some extraordinary knitting classes by Cat Bordhi Magical Moebius Knitting, Finding the Fountain of Fresh Knitting Ideas and New Pathways for Sock Knitters. I was delighted to be able to attend two of them.

Finding the Fountain of Fresh Knitting Ideas was a ton of fun. We combined design elements using random numbers and were challenged with planning a knittable garment. It was not only helpful to work together but increased the flow of ideas as we were inspired by each other's ideas and suggestions. The generation of ideas was in full flow when we invented the life story of an almost real person based on simple objects found in almost anyone's home. The stories were fascinating and poignant. Just goes to show what you can do with the mundane. Designs are everywhere.

New Pathways for Sock Knitters was all about the architectures of knitting socks that Cat Bordhi is known for - really amazing. There so many ways Cat has created to accomplish the same thing - a sock that is easier and more fun to knit and better fitting. She is also very generous. Check out her website for links to tutorials showing some of her wonderful heels and Cat's demonstration of Judy's Magic Cast-On - perfect for toe up socks.

All the photos were taken at the Fresh Ideas class by Linda McKittrick. Cat Bordhi shown teaching, smiling with Linda and Lynn, owner of Kiwi. The rest are students in a rare moment of seriousness.

I highly recommend all of her books and any of her classes. Now I have a host of projects ideas. Is there such a thing as a stash of ideas?

To all the Kiwi students to Cat Bordhi's classes - please post comments to the blog. We would love to hear from you.

Back Issues Anyone?
Did you know there back issues of magazines at Kiwi Knitting? Even better - they are 15% off until December 31st! Here is what is available:
  • Knitters: Fall 2005; Winter 2007; Spring 2008; Summer 2008; Fall 2009; Winter 2010; K#102 2011
  • Rebecca: NR 27, NR 42
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  • Interweave Felt: Special Issue 2008
  • Interweave Crochet: Spring 2008; Summer 2008; Fall 2008; Summer 2009; Fall 2009; Winter 2009; Summer 2010; Fall 2010; Winter 2010; Spring 2011; Summer 2011

Meet the Staff at Kiwi Knitting
Deborah Levine: Deborah has been beading since childhood and teaching since elementary school. She enjoys designing stitches, and improving her techniques to help students learn more easily. She especially enjoys watching students conquer new things and making beautiful jewelry that they had not previously imagined.

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