Sunday, June 28, 2009

Eddie Lizzard

Lynn and I wanted to give you an idea of the size difference between our two lizards. Lynn hasn't finished decorating hers yet as of Friday morning when I took these photos. When she is finished with hers she is ending me a photo so that I can post it for you here. I made the worsted weight version with Noro Kureyon #217. Lynn made the DK weight version with Tussock from Naturally, which is the intended yarn for this pattern.

A closer view of our size differences.

As I said yesterday, I had fun decorating mine. I started by needle-felting rings on his tail. I used a copper novelty yarn from Kiwi, and some leftover needle-point yarns. Needle-felting is fun and easy to learn, and the needles and kit are available at Kiwi Knitting. I find that I use my felting needles all the time on various projects. As you can see with the copper yarn, it will felt non-wool yarns as well as wool yarns.

After I finished with the tail, I needle-felted an orange stripe up his back. Then I decided it was time for something new, and embroidered the blue outline with a chain stich. A book with some simple embroidery stitches is all you need to get started. I find it adds another dimension to my felted projects, whether I choose to use it before or after I felt.

I also used the copper thread again to add some beading to his back. These copper-lined beads that I had in my stash were perfect for this yarn colorway. Beads are always a good way to add some glitz. Check out the bead stash in the shop, next to the buttons in the book and needle nook.

Finally, I cut a circle of felt that was slightly larger than the diameter of the eyes. I folded it in half and cut it into two pieces, and then used craft glue to attach them as eyelids. One thing to note is that the felt just sucks up the glue like nothing you've ever seen before, so be sure to add lots more glue than you think you will need. Press the eyelid in place and hold it there for a few seconds while the glue starts to set. We decided to hang Eddie on the wall in our dining room. I've already bought more Noro to make more lizards. Everyone who lives in the desert Southwest needs one of these.

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Marianne C said...

I am planning on making a striped one for Molly my shih Tzu. She loves, loves, loves toys so I am going to put some little squeakers in the head and body. She is very careful with her toys. She absolutely loves watching the lizards in the back yard, now she will have one of her very own!