Monday, November 18, 2013

Lynn's Peruvian Textile Adventure Continues

November 15 - No class for me today!  Planned it so I could see the sights of Cusco.  Had a great day!

First I wanted to show where we are staying.  
Hostel Santa Rosa de Lima.  It seems to be part of a convent.  There is a door on the second floor stairwell to separate us from the nun's quarters.  No elevators and we are on the 3rd floor at 11,100 ft altitude.  

 Resting along the assent is imperative.  Beautiful garden shown is right outside the door of the hostel.
 We then walk through the convent to the school court yard.  They had a Friday pageant that is pictured here.  

We have to knock or ring to get into the complex from the street

The last picture is the little kiosk where I would purchase my water each day since you cannot drink tap water here.


After finishing the pictures of Santa Rosa, I headed out to see what Lima had to offer.  First stop was the Museum for Machu Picchu. I could not take pictures there but spent a good hour reading and walking through the building.  They were also exhibiting the best entries from a recent contest of handwoven textile from villages across Peru.  All were stunning but it was easy to pick out the winner.  Unbelievable detail!
As I headed for San Blas, the art district, stumbled across the Coca Museum.  This is a big product in Peru and used extensively in the high altitudes to help acclimate.  Yes, it is the origin of cocaine, but it is highly concentrated before it gets to that stage.  It is used for tea, candy, & the leaves are chewed with a sweetener similarly to chewing tobacco.


It has also been found to have many nutrients helpful for workers putting long hours as you can see in the chart.

The next point of interest I wanted to capture for you was the Plaza De Armas and its Cathedrals  which the Spaniards built on top of the Inca temples.

The best Inca ruins are high above the city -- but how to get there?  Suddenly the answer appeared as I looked up to see a sightseeing bus a out ready to leave!

The bus took us all over the city passed more plazas and churches, mercado's (markets), the university, and up to the hill over looking Cusco where the White Jesus stands right next to the Inca ruins.

It was a beautiful view of the city.  A great way to spend my last day in Cusco!


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