Monday, February 25, 2013

Upcoming Classes

It’s a great time to take a knitting class. I am amazed at what I learn from a class. I almost always pick up something new. Here is a lineup of the classes coming up this week and next at Kiwi Knitting. If you cannot make one of these we can always schedule a private lesson. Check out the classes at for more. Classes are listed under Knitters Kamp and in the Newsletter.
Felted Clogs – These fun slippers will become a favorite of the whole family! Materials: 100 –
200g of worsted or chunky 100% non-superwash wool for a child or 300 – 400g for an adult; 16” & 24” US13 circular knitting needles; & Fibertrends pattern AC-33 or CH-38. Cost: $48.
Teacher: Jill Holbrook. 1 – 3 PM Tue Feb 26 – Mar 12. (3 sessions)

Lace Scarf -- You’ve learned the elements of lace knitting and are ready for your first project.How about a graceful scarf? The first week will get you started with a provisional cast on, tips and tricks of knitting lace and the rhythm of lace knitting. The second week will be all aboutedging and finishing the scarf. Materials: 400y (or more) lace weight or fingering weight yarn in a light color – much easier to see your work; US1, 2 or 3 knitting needles for lace yarn or US3, 4 & 5 for fingering (preferably circulars); crochet hook (2 - 2.25mm); stitch markers; scissors; a small amount of light weight contrasting yarn; and pencil & paper. Cost: $32. Teacher: Jill Holbrook. 1 – 3 PM Wed Feb 27 & Mar 6 (2 sessions)

Fair Isle Knitting -- Are you intrigued by the beauty of items made in patterns with 2 or more colors? Learn the techniques to start creating your own! Materials: small amts of 2 different colors of yarn & appropriate needles. Teacher: Jill Holbrook. 10 – Noon Thu Feb 28
Block by Block Afghan – Here is a fun class where you can experiment with different stitch
patterns & embellishments then finish with a unique conversation piece for your favorite chair or
sofa. Materials: 600g light, worsted yarn in MC; 200g in 3 CC’s; 100g in 2 more CC’s; US 7
knitting needles & US 6 DPN; & access to patterns from Knitting Block by Block by Nicky
Epstein. Cost: $16/ sessions. Teacher: Holly Harper. 10 AM – Noon Mon Mar 1, 18, 25,
April 1 & 29 (other sessions may be planned by the group).
There are lots more classes in March and April including beginning knitting and beginning crochet classes. If you do not see what you want please let us know. Suggestions are most welcome.

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