Thursday, October 25, 2012

Taos Wool Festival Travelogue

Taos Wool Festival on a Gorgeous Day in October

Wool Festivals are sprouting up all over. Spinners and ranchers know about them but I think they might be less well known to knitters.
Young alpacas

I was able to attend the Taos Wool Festival this year. This was their 30th anniversary. Like most wool festivals it was started by the sheep ranchers to display and sell their wool and sheep. This has grown to all things wool with other fiber bearing animals like llama, alpaca and angora bunnies.
Beautiful handmade spindles, knitting needles and very nice people
And then there are vendors of weaving and spinning tools, spindles, knitting needles, crochet hooks
An intrepid kitten on a leash named Callie unfazed by all the dogs.
You never know what you will see at a a Festival.

Winners in HandspunYarn Judging
There were lots of fun contests like who could spin the longest yarn in 2 minutes and two-person spinning with one treadling and one drafting the fiber. These gorgeous yarns were champions in Handspun yarns.
Art yarns with lovely little flowers
Then there are the gorgeous yarns and fibers for sale.
Most festivals include workshops, food vendors and demonstrations such as shearing, weaving and spinning.
There is a Wool Festival coming up here in southwest Arizona in Tubac on November 3, 2012. Check it out on the web:
See you at Kiwi’s after the Festival. .

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