Monday, April 9, 2012

Cowl Class at Kiwi Knitting

Did you know that a cowl can be a noun or a verb? The word cowl was originally used to describe a hood or hooded robe worn by both men and women. Then it became associated with that same garment worn by a monk. Using the word as a verb, to cowl someone meant to make a monk of that person. Cowl or cowling is also a part of a chimney, a car and an aircraft.
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Now, it is as if we have come full circle and a cowl is a fashion garment for women. It covers the neck and/or the head, keeps us warm and gives us a canvas for playing with color, design and knitting stitch patterns. How wonderful is that!

Cat Bordhi uses a cowl to teach and practice various knitting skills in her design Seven Wonders Cowl including cast-ons, reading charts, working cables, binding off and more. Kiwi Knitting held a project class with Cat Bordhi's pattern. This class had a great time - laughing, knitting and learning. Here are a two of the completed cowls from the class.

Knitters at Kiwi Knitting had a great time playing with this garment. They were delighted with how different they turned out for each of them.

Project classes are so much fun – learning and knitting with others.

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