Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Vintage Christmas and Knitting Dog Sweaters

Christmas is almost here. We wish you peaceful knitting, joy in the season and time to enjoy friends and family.

Here are some very special vintage Christmas postcards from Carolyn Webb. Although this first one does not say "knitting" all knitters will know the sentiment.

For the dog lovers among us, here are some photos from the Dog Sweater classes at Kiwi Knitting by Brigid Connolly. These are very lucky dogs. They are most likely enjoying their new sweaters this holiday season. I love the way Brigid has captioned the pictures. See her thoughts about the class, dogs and dog fashion below.

Lynne instructs the dogs; Maddie approves the plan; Juan supervises.

Measuring reluctant puppy; Wrangling dogs & knitters; Darcy helping Lily knit

Bulldog or bulldozer; KC modeling his sweater; Darcy too sexy for his sweater

People always tell me that their dog doesn’t like to wear sweaters, even if it’s really cold. I ask them what kind of sweater and invariably it’s an off the rack, one size fits none, synthetic thing that is in whatever random color was available. Dogs like to look good, they know when they look silly or shabby. Don’t believe me? How does your dog act after grooming or a bath? Try telling your canine friend that he/she is ‘Oh so cute’ and see how your best friend reacts. Even a kerchief around his neck gets the ‘show off’ going in most dogs. There is no such thing as a ‘standard dog’ so those off the rack sweaters won’t do for the great variety of sizes and shapes that dogs come in.

My custom dog sweater class solves canine hypothermia and is great fun for dogs and their people. Dogs are required to attend the first class in the series of three. Their people learn to measure them, find appropriate fibers and weights for their canine comfort and discover the dog’s ‘power color’ in preparation for making a unique, well fitted and comfortable sweater for their four footed pals.

We, (knitters and dogs) have had great times, lots of laughs, yummy treats, puppy wrestling, bark attacks, endless sniffing during the classes. Incidentally, we have learned a lot about knitting techniques, design and dog preferences and everyone has ended up with a lovely bespoke dog sweater for their best buddy.

As you can see from the pictures, most dogs took the class seriously and reveled in the attention. It was hard to say who socialized more the humans or their pets, but all in all, it was a blast! I look forward to future chances to teach knitters and clothe our canine friends comfortably. Brigid Connolly

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