Saturday, August 15, 2009

New At Kiwi

Lynn tells me that the shop is getting boxes of new things in every day, getting ready for fall. Here is some of what I found when I was there last...

A big box of yarn all set for Knit A Hat Day.

Mini Mochi, a new sock yarn from Crystal Palace. It has a content of 80% merino and 20% nylon. It's machine washable, and one colorway is already sold out! Each ball is 50 grams, you will need two balls for the average pair of adult socks.

Wonderful little tool cases from Namaste, in gorgeous colors. Let's just say that there's one less green one at the shop.

The inside of the lid is magnetized. There is a lift-off layer, and then more space underneath, with a magnetized bottom.

Design It, Knit It by Debbie Bliss. Not only has wonderful patterns as you would expect form Debbie Bliss, but also several great design tips. A must for Debbie Bliss fans and those who want to play with sweater design for adults and children.

Knit One, Bead Too. I love beaded knits, and this is going on my wish list.

Booties, Blankets and Bears, also by Debbie Bliss.

Knitting From the North Sea. Gorgeous patterns, the lace shawl on the cover looks wonderful.

New Twists on Twinned Knitting. Another great way to use color in knitting.

Knitted Edges and Trims. The perfect way to add a custom finish to your garments.

Sensational Slippers. Now, haven't I been nagging you about starting your holiday knitting now?

Then there are two samples of some knitting by a couple of Knit Dr regulars, JoJo and Dee. They are making scarves using the Knit One Below technique. Dee's is a beautiful blend of neutrals. Note how pretty the back of the fabric is.

JoJo, who loves color, is using a combination of pinks.

Please pardon the lack of excessive prose this week, I've hurt my right wrist again from overuse, and am wearing a splint as we speak, and having to ice it twice a day!

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