Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Kits at Kiwi

I am a big fan of knitting kits. There is something pretty wonderful about having a little package that contains everything one needs to make a jewel of a project, except the needles. Pattern, yarn, accessories, it's all there. And right now at Kiwi you have some wonderful choices.

First up are a trio of wonderful little kits from own our Jill Holbrook and Brookmoore Creations. You can choose between the 'Arizona Barrel Cactus', which makes a whimsical barrel cactus complete with flower; the 'Lizard Tales Lace', a very pretty lace bookmark; and the 'Arizona Treasure Bag', a beautiful little beaded lace drawstring bag. The yarn included is a natural cotton handspun by Jill, and all that is required for any of the kits besides what is included is a pair of size US2 knitting needles. The Arizona Treasure Bag even includes all the beads, with a choice of either multi-colored or turquoise beads.

And they come in a great plastic case that would be perfect for a knitters tool case after the project is finished. If you are looking for a gift that says 'Tucson' to the giftee, these would be a delightful choice.

Also available at Kiwi Knitting is a new kit for the Cat Bordhi 'Blissful Baby Booties'. These cute little booties are miraculous in that when you are finished with the project, you're finished. There is nothing to be done once you set down your needles - all the construction and even the drawstring is completely finished on the needles. And there is a variety of sizes available in the kit.

There will be a class on this project at Kiwi in the afternoon of this coming Friday, the 13th. And Lynn is planning an Easter version of the kits, so keep your eyes open for seasonal variations on the theme.

Happy Spring Knitting, everyone, as we wait for our promised winter storms to come through!

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