Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Addi Clicks Are Here!

Addi Turbos are the preferred knitting needles of many a knitter's dreams. They are smooth, the join between cord and needle is seamless, the cords are very flexible - they are wonderful to knit with. The company that makes Addi needles, Skacel, are well known for their attention to detail, the quality of their product, and the fact that they stand behind everything that they make. However, Addi Turbos, as you know if you have ever bought them, are not the least expensive circular needles that are out there in the knitting marketplace. For a knitter to stock up on a range of Addi Turbos in various sizes and cord lengths would cost a small fortune. Believe me, they would be well worth it, but wouldn't it be nice to have another way to make that work?

Well, Addi now produces the interchangeable needle version of Addi Turbos, called Addi Clicks. Here, in one neat set, Addi provides you with 10 sizes of needle tips, from size 4 to size 15. With them comes three different cords in 24", 32" and 40" lengths. There is also a connector that allows you to join two of the cords together to get an even longer circular needle length if you wish. This adds up to over 30 different needle sizes and length combinations - without even going into all the combinations of lengths one could get using the connector to lengthen the cords. Multiply that by the last pair of Addi Turbos you bought for a new project, and you can begin to get a sense of what an enormous savings one of these wonderful kits would be.

One of the biggest bugs for many knitters about various interchangeable needle sets is the way that the needles are joined to the cords. They are notorious for coming apart at crucial knitting moments. Not so with these needles. The two sections join together with a push and a turn and a click - and they are locked together and ready for business. Think of the way that you change the paddle on your Kitchen-Aide mixer. Same idea. The kit comes with a very detailed booklet explaining how it all works, but trust me, it is as easy as pie.

If you are a new knitter just starting to collect your needles as you go from project to project, this kit will save you a fortune over your knitting lifetime. If you are a more seasoned knitter, this is a wonderful gift to yourself - truly a gift that keeps on giving. As with everything that Skacel introduces in the Addi line, they are much in demand and that makes them scarce until the production can catch up with the demand. And I believe that the more knitters that see them, the more knitters that will want a set for their very own.

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Michelle said...

Linda, I'm wondering about the smoothness of the joins between the cords or between the cords and the needles. What's your experience?