Monday, August 18, 2008

Speaking of Knitting Bags

Well, no matter that I try my best to be an independent woman, sometimes it takes my husband to simply walk past and ask, Did you try to upload those photos one at a time? And so it seems that Blogger, at the moment, can't take big bites of photography, only little nibbles.

Sticking with my promise to show you some of the wonderful new project bags that Lynn has in the shop, I want to show you what I have been lusting after. I don't know about you, but I have always had this mental image of a knitting bag that I'm sure is a left-over from my parents knitting back in the 60s. And I'm not into vintage. I've long been convinced that in everything there should be beauty as well as function, and these bags have both qualities, in spades.

First, Kiwi has several really cute little tool bags for knitters and crocheters, just the sort of thing you need to tuck all your much-needed tools in (I'm going to go get one of those quilter's needle-grabbers, Marianne!). And they make it very easy to transfer a project from one bag to another.

Want a project bag that doesn't scream 'old lady' every time you use it? Or are you a guy knitter or crocheter who wants to be able to carry a project along? Then the Messenger Bag from Namaste is for you. The Messenger Bag has a durable corduroy exterior and lots of pockets. It measures 16"w x 12"h x 5"d at the top, 6" at the bottom. A special zipper allows you to expand the depth of the bag to a roomy 8.5".

Namaste is known for their animal-friendly materials, but even a leather bag fan such as myself would never spot these for anything but the real thing. That is the kind of compromise I really like. The Malibu Bag is spacious with an interior divider and lots of pockets. What I admire about this bag is its camouflage. No one would look at this and say knitting bag! It looks like a top line purse and you could easily use it for one when it isn't carrying around your latest project. The Malibu measures 20"w x 13"h x 8"d.

The Laguna is a bag with a slightly larger feel. It measures 17.5"w x 16"h x 7.5"d. It is chock-full of pockets, both inner and outer, with a zippered interior divider, and handles as well as a detachable shoulder strap. Also made with that buttery soft animal-friendly 'leather'.

Also in the shop but not pictured is Namaste's Knit Tube. Think of that tubular sling that you use to carry your yoga mat to class. Make it out of Namaste's durable 'leather' and divide it into two compartments for easy use. The Knit Tube measures 26"l x 6"d.

If you are planning any travel and want a small, light project bag to take on the plane, then the Airplane bag is for you. It opens into a roomy interior so that you can root around and find just what you need.

And then closes into a little silk reticule for easy carrying.

Isn't it time you treated yourself to a new project bag? Stop in and see all of our bags from Della Q and Lantern Moon as well!

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