Saturday, July 19, 2008

Noro SIlk Garden Sock Yarn

The much anticipated Silk Garden Sock yarn from Noro has arrived at Kiwi! You may remember that last fall Noro brought out a sock version of their much-loved Kureyon. There were some people who felt that it was a rougher yarn that they liked to knit socks with. Lynn and I both found that it blooms beautifully and becomes kitten-soft once it is blocked, and I wore my entrelac Kureyon socks all winter long to many compliments. But if you are one of those who is still looking for a softer yarn with the beautiful color changes that Noro is known for, then the Silk Garden Sock will make you very, very happy. I can't wait to get my hands on a ball of this and start knitting!

The fiber content varies slightly from the traditional Silk Garden. Silk Garden Sock has 40% Lambs wool, 25% silk - for gorgeous sheen and tensile strength, 25% nylon to add to the strength and bounce of the yarn, and 10% mohair for bloom. The texture is slightly thick and thin - like the Kureyon Sock - but I think the difference isn't as noticeable in Silk Garden Sock. Remember that these are hand-spun yarns, not machine-spun, and so some variation in thickness would be expected. To me, this is a great part of the beauty of Noro yarns.

Other than the cream-toned yarn, which stays gently neutral with tones of cream and sand, the other seven colorways that are in the shop vary greatly with the colors that one can find in each ball. As always with any Noro yarn, the colors that show on the surface of the ball are just the tip of the iceberg. I always like to look at the end of the ball, and to gently open it up like a flower, to see what other colors that have been blended into the mix. Noro yarns remind me of a good book - you simply can't put it down, you have to keep knitting to see what color comes next in the sequence.

The cream colorway will be gorgeous for lace patterns, and indeed, one of our Knit Doctor clients came in with a lace sock pattern on Friday morning and pounced on a ball of the cream as soon as she saw it. I can also see shawls and lace cardigans knitted up in these gorgeous yarns.

At nearly 330 yds per ball, just one ball is enough for the average pair of socks. This yarn is getting fantastic reviews on the internet, come in and see why!

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