Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Introducing One of our New Teachers

While I take some time off of regular classes at Kiwi to attempt to write a book, Lynn has brought in a new teacher to join the roster. I have known Kathy Costello for some time now, both through Old Pueblo Knitting Guild and my days of working at another yarn shop, and she is someone that I really like. The great thing about new teachers is that they bring new perspectives and new energy into the shop. Take a moment next time you stop in to Kiwi to look at Kathy's class samples. Her steeked Noro vest is really beautiful, and I don't think any picture could possibly do it justice!

I asked Kathy if she would like to share something about herself here on the blog to introduce her to our customers. Here is what she had to say...

"Thanks Lynda, for a chance to share a bit about myself for the Kiwi Blog.

Color has always been my touchstone in whatever craft I have been involved with. I learned to knit from my grandma when I was very small, and I learned beginning crochet from my neighbor probably at the same time. I enjoyed all kinds of artistic pursuits as a girl, especially paint by number horses and mice!

My mom also crocheted and I still have two of her afghans. In my early twenties I wanted to learn more about knitting, so my grandma and I took classes at the local yarn store. That is where I learned to knit continental style, as the teacher was very opinionated that it was the only proper way to knit. Grandma tried, but didn’t make the change, as her knitted slippers were just fine the way she knit them!

I continued to crochet and learned to quilt when my kids where small. I taught quilting while living in Seattle. When I moved to Tucson in 1995, I took up beading and began doing lampwork at the rec. center.

One day in 2002, my beading friend showed me some felted bags at Back Door Bead and Yarn. I loved the look; and the colors of the yarn, oooo! I hadn’t knit in a while and she convinced me to try, using circular needles. Well, I was off and running. I got up the courage to attend the Friday Fun Knitters and then joined OPK. I discovered sock knitting, which to me, is the perfect project for learning nearly all the things a knitter needs to know. Now I have begun knitting vests and sweaters that will be good for our Tucson weather.

Last year, I learned to spin and have been having a blast spinning and knitting with my very own yarn! I have even dyed some of my own roving. My enthusiasm always brings me the most joy when I can share it, thus my love of teaching.

I hope you will join me in one of my classes this spring: Felted Clogs, Noro Vest or Knitting and Crocheting with your own handspun.


Lynn has been getting TONS of new yarns in the shop for spring. Every time I go in there I see several boxes that have just come in that are waiting to be priced and put out onto the shelves. On Saturday, Jackie and Bridget were pricing a shipment of Frog Tree Alpace DK weight that had just come in, in lots of gorgeous colors. I have been fascinated by socks lately, and a couple that have caught my eye are the Pagewood Farms sock yarns in either a merino/nylon superwash blend, or a merino/bamboo/nylon superwash, in gorgeous colors. I am working on my second pair of socks with this yarn (DH gazed longingly at the first sock as I was just casting on, so that pair went to him for Valentine's Day, this pair is mine, all mine!) and I love this stuff. Very squishy and bouncy, and extremely soft. The other sock yarn that is new to the shop is the Online Supersocke 100 in knock-your-eyes-out, bright, fun spring colors. You have to see this stuff, it's beautiful!

Major rearranging seemed to be happening in the Veggie Room, too, so I'll be excited to see what has gone up on the shelves while I've been gone.

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KC said...

Thanks for your sweet words, Linda! I have people signed up for clogs and knitting with handspun! Yeah! Kathy