Friday, August 10, 2007


Sorry to be a bit later in the week than my normal, but I wanted to have the chance to take some photos and get some more information at the shop this morning in order to tell you about some new yarns, a new book, and a new class - all at Kiwi!

Last week I filled in a couple of afternoons at the shop while Lynn taught the Kid's Kamp, and so I got to be on hand when some new and exciting yarns for fall came in the door. I'll tell you about some of them today, and save some for next time.

The big news in sock yarns right now is that Regia is producing a line of self-patterning sock yarns designed by Color Master Extraodinaire, Kaffe Fassett. You may remember him as the incredible designer of all those richly colored knitting patterns of amazing intricacy and depth of a few years back, or you may know him as a quilter, a mosaic artist, a painter or as a needle-point designer. But however you know his name, once you see what this man does with color, you don't forget him easily. Even if he had contributed nothing else to visual and fiber arts, the way that he has made our eyes open up to color combinations alone has earned him his place in heaven. Now he has brought his astounding color sense to yarn with two new lines for Regia - Landscapes, a self striping sock yarn; and Mirage, a blend of diffused colors. Both lines are pictured at the top in their various colorways. The product info with the yarn includes a sock pattern, and having seen one of the colorways knitted up today, I can tell you that you will love working with the super-saturated depths of color and the beautiful patterning of this yarn. I've been hearing a lot of buzz and anticipation about these yarns among knitters on various lists, and now that I have seen them, I know why. The yarn is a blend of 75% Superwash wool for warmth and easy care, and 25% polyamid for durability. Each ball has 210 meters (approx. 229 yards), and the two variations come in 6 colorways - Storm, Fog, Earth, Twilight, Fire and Caribbean.

We also now have in a new sock yarn called Knit Col Trends, an incredibly soft 100% Merino superwash in a range of colorways from muted earth tones to warm fall mixes and bright bursts of color.

For those times when you want to use a solid sock yarn for lace patterns and cable designs, don't forget that we also carry a wide range of lush colored solids from Regia. Also in a blend of 75% Superwash wool and 25% polyamid, these balls have 420 m. (approx. 458 yds).

Bear in mind that this is just the tip of our sock yarn iceberg, you can also find Cascade Fixation in both solids and variegateds, and Cherry Tree Hill sock yarns, among others in the sock room.

Now, let's just say that you are in love with the new yarns - and who could blame you - but are just uninspired about what to do with them. Well, then you are in luck because we have a couple of ways to inspire you with new ideas and new ways of looking at the same old socks.

Cat Bordhi - whose brain I believe works in weird and wonderful ways about knitting the way that Einstein's brain worked in weird and wonderful ways about physics - has just come out with a new sock book called 'New Pathways for Sock Knitters, Book One'. The story has it that one day while trying on a toe-up sock that she was knitting she started turning it around on her foot, finding that no matter which way she turned the triangular gusset, it still worked with the shape of the foot. In typical Cat Bordhi manner, she took that revelation and ran with it, opening up the concept of sock shaping to places and constructs that I promise you that you have never seen before. Cat turns her discovery into eight Master Patterns and their endless variations that will excite you about socks all over again.

And our own sock devotee Marianne Casteel has a class coming up that you won't want to miss - Stepping Up Socks. The purpose of the class is to take people who have knit socks plain, who are ready for a change and want to step up their style by using one the hundreds of great sock patterns out there. Requirements would be to be fairly proficient in simple sock knitting whichever method you prefer, and Marianne will help you make the pattern work for you, whether you prefer to work with dpns, 2 circs, magic loop, top down or toe up. The class is scheduled for Friday Aug 17 & 24 from 1-3.

Aug 13 - 18
Aug 13 - Beginner Knitting Series, 1-3
Knit Night, 7-9
Aug 14 - Socks Your Way 10-12
Beginning Knitting Series 1-3
Aug 15 - Knitting Circle 10-12
Roll Brim Felted Cloche 1-4
Aug 16 - Hedge Hog 10-12
Kid's Kamp 3:30-5
Aug 17 - Knit Doctor 10-12
Stepping Up Socks 1-3
Aug 18 - Felting: Texture 10-12
Spinning Group 1-2

See you at Kiwi!

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